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Bowesville: A Place to Remember
By Grace Johnston
Tells the story of Bowesville and area up till the time Bowesville disappeared when expropriated to build the airport. 173 pages
Milk/Cream Producers - Distributors in Gloucester 1892 - 1975
Compiled and edited by Grace Johnston
This book is about the dairy industry in Gloucester. 42 pages
Pioneer Families of the Gloucester Quarries
by Robert Serré
A history of the Gloucester Quarries and the pioneer families that settled in that area. 64 pages
Familles pionieres des Carrières de Gloucester dans l'Est de l'Ontario
à Robert Serré.
64 pages, 2006
Pioneer Families of Cyrville (Gloucester Township)
by Robert Serré
44 pages, 2006
Familles pionnières de Cyrville (Canton de Gloucester)
à Robert Serré
44 pages
Pioneer Families of Glen Ogilvie (Gloucester Township)
by Robert Serré
24 pages
Gloucester Memories
by Mel Rowat
19 pages
Memories of the Lock Stations
Compiled and Edited by Grace Johnston
Stories of Long Island, Black Rapids, Hog's Back and Harwell Locks.
Stories by Mel Rowat, Camilla (Balcombe) Forbes, Aletha (Dale) Davidson and Palmer Slack. 18 pages
1879 Map of Gloucester Township
From the 1879 Belden Atlas of Carleton County
The map shows who owned each lot in 1879 as well as the location of roads, churches, schools and other interesting features of the township during this early time.
Blackburn - Glen Ogilvie - Centennial History 1867 - 1967
Compiled and Edited by Mrs. Anna Elliott
An informative story history of that part of Gloucester. 34 pages

Gloucester Roots
Compiled and edited by Lois Kemp
Articles that appeared in the "Roots" column of the Gloucester Leader. 126 pages


Adam’s family Page 112
Armstrong, Earl Page 24
Assessment Roll, 1823 (earliest) Page 9
Bareille-Snow house Page 43
Bennett, Bert Page 85
Billings Bridge stagecoach Page 79
Billings, Braddish Page 3
Billings’ first neighbours Page 5
Billings’ Incident Page 4
Black Rapids Lockstation Page 109
Blackburn Page 64
Blackburn Station Page 90
Blacksmith of Fallbrook Page 72
Blacksmiths Page 73
Blossom Park Page 65
Bogtown School Page 57
Bombs, unexploded Page 93
Borthwick mineral water Page 91
Bowesville Page 66
Boyer Road, first settler Page 122
Brian Doyle’s Hill Page 92
Bytown & Prescott Railway Page 113
Capital Coach Page 119
Chain-of-Office Page 125
Christmas Concerts Page 58
Clapp’s mail route Page 82
Clark, Harold & Lois Page 81
Coat of Arms Page 124
Coat Rack Page 20
Collins, Walter Upton Park Page 104
Dairies Page 74
Dolman Ridge White Cross Page 52
Doyle, Brian’s Hill Page 92
Elliott, Anna Page 23
Fallbrook, Blacksmith of Page 72
Families, Early Gloucester Page 32
Farmer’s Way Page 67
Flag, Gloucester Page 124
Gamble, Robert Page 29
Glen Ogilvie School Page 46
Gloucester Beginnings Page 2     
Gray’s Barn Dance Page 77
Greenbelt Page 94
Hartwell’s Locks Page 107
Hawthorne flag station Page 95
Hawthorne Page 68
Hawthorne School Page 48
Hawthorne, St. George’s Anglican Church Page 86
Heritage, preservation of Page 88
Heron family Page 26
Hockey Page 81
Hog’s Back Page 106
Home, Heritage Page 34
Homes, first pioneer Page 34
Hopkins, William Page 27
Ice hauling Page 78
Inglis, Edward Page 119
Jacob’s Well Page 96
Johnston, Grace & Ken Page 28
Johnston’s Corners School Page 49
Junction Gore 1834 families Page 12
Kelly’s barn Page 97
Laporte, André Page 22
Ledger, interesting Page 87
Long Island Locks Page 108
Mantha milkhouse Page 98
Market gardeners Page 80
Memories of years gone by Page 69
Milk Bottles Page 76
Ogilvie, William Page 29
Old Stuff Page 121
Orléans Page 69
Orléans, First settler Page 11
Ottawa Front 1834 families Page 13         
Pasteurizing Plants Page 75
Patterson, Colin
Perrault family Page 31
Piperville School SS # 20 Page 50
Places in Gloucester Page 99
Price, Art Page 25
Primers Page 59
Pyper’s last mail run Page 83
Quarries Page 70
Quarries School Page 51
Reeves and Mayors 1850-1991 Page 16   
Renaud Road Page 100
Rideau Canal 150th anniversary Page 105
Rideau Front 1834 families Page 13
Rideau River floods Page 115
Rideau View School Page 54
Ridge School Page 53
Roads in the Thirties Page 114
Rowat’s wharf Page 101
Sawmill Creek Page 102
School Fairs Page 60
Settlement duties Page 9
Settlers, First large influx Page 8
Settlers, Gloucester’s first Page 6
Snow, year of deep Page 116
South Gloucester United Church Page 87
Springtime on the Rideau Page 115
St. Cécile School Page 55
St. George’s Anglican Church Page 86
St. Mary’s Catholic School Page 56
Stagecoach, Billings Bridge Page 79
Stone buildings, 1800s Page 36
Stone buildings, 1900s Page 41
Sutherland family, seven sisters Page 118
Tomlinson’s general store Page 103
Town Halls Page 14
Town meeting, first Page 10
Tree, tallest in Gloucester Page 120
United Empire Loyalists Page 7
Washdays at grandmother’s Page 117
Watkins salesman Page 85
Where is?  Page 99
Wilson, Captain Andrew Page 30
Women’s Institutes Page 84
Youville, Ferme 1885 Page 35

The Story of the First English Church of Gloucester Township
by Glenn Clark
The history of St. James' Anglican Church, Leitrim
150 years in God's hands 1853 - 2003
2nd edition; 369 pages, 2006
Pioneer Families of New Edinburgh (Gloucester Township) Volume 1 1830 - 1870
by Robert Serré
55 pages, 2007
Pioneer Families of Hurdman's Bridge (Gloucester Township)
by Robert Serré
46 pages, 2007
Pioneer Families of Rockcliffe Annex and Manor Park in Gloucester Township
by Robert Serré
36 pages, 2008
Pioneer Families of Janeville (Gloucester Township)
by Robert Serré
47 pages, 2008
Remembering Carlsbad Springs (Gloucester Township)
by Mary Boyd and Robert Serré
32 pages, 2009
Pioneer Families of St. Joseph (Orleans) in Eastern Ontario
by Robert Serré
48 pages, 2009
Familles pionnières de Saint-Joseph d’Orléans dans l’Est de l’Ontario
à Robert Serré
48 pages, 2009
Historic Homes and Buildings of the Billings Bridge Community, A Self-Guided Tour
by Joan McEvoy Rooney
29 pages, 2004
Gloucester Township Ratepayers Listed by Family Name and by Concession/Lot Number for the Years 1855, 1864 and 1872
compiled by Robert Serré
55 pages, 2009
Gloucester Lions Club Inc., History of the First 42 Years 1968 - 2010
by The History Committee of the Gloucester Lions Club and Robert Serré. Edited by Glenn Clark
83 pages, 90 photos and illustrations, including 70 in colour, 2010
Hawthorne Reflections
compiled by Laurel Sherrer
81 pages, 2010, Memories of Hawthorne Public School, originally Gloucester School Section # 16
Place Names of Ottawa, Canada's Capital 1791-1950
by Robert Serré
64 pages, 2011, covers 695 place names within the current territory of the City of Ottawa and the former County of Carleton.
Who Was Who in Gloucester, Eastview/Vanier and Rockcliffe Park
by Robert Serré
59 pages, 2012, includes concise biographical profiles on 234 men and women who were notable in sports, business, arts, science and politics.
Clarkstown (Eastview / Vanier) Pioneer Families / Familles pionnières
by Robert Serré
48 pages, 2012, bilingual, includes a history of Clarkstown and the pioneer families that settled there from its beginnings in the 1880s until it merged with Janeville to form the town of Eastview in 1909.
Who Was Who in Ottawa 1855 - 1967
by Robert Serré
56 pages, 2013, includes biographical profiles of 345 well-known Ottawa residents.
The Emergency Shelters at Finter (Rockcliffe) and Uplands 1946-1954
by Glenn Clark
24 pages, 2013, explains the history of the post war emergency shelters.
Gloucester A to Z
by Robert Serré
60 pages, 2013, explains the history of a wide range of topics, including arenas, schools, churches, sports organizations, libraries, railways and on and on.
40 Years of Top Generation Club 1974-2014
edited by Laurel Sherrer
80 pages, 2014, explains the history of the Top Generation Seniors' Club and the one room Ramsayville School where it holds its meetings.
NEW Railways of Gloucester - And Beyond
Written by Les Goodwin and edited by Joan Scott
72 pages, 116 photos, 2015, explains the history of all railways that crossed Gloucester Township.

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