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The Gloucester Quiz

1. Where was the first race track located in Gloucester?
a) between Bank Street and Bronson Avenue and north of the Rideau Canal.
b) The present Rideau-Carleton Raceway was the first racetrack.
c) Near the intersection of Montreal Road and Shefford Road
c) Near the intersection of River Road and MacArthur Road

2. Where are the Bytown Bridges located?
a) at Hog's Back
b) at Green Island near Rideau Falls
c) an early name for Hurdman's Bridge
d) the official name of the St. Patrick Street Bridge.

3. Thomas McKay was one of Gloucester's most famous residents. Which of the following was he not involved in founding or building?
a) Hog's Back Locks
b) Beechwood Cemetery
c) The original Union Bridge near Chaudiere Falls
d) The Ottawa Locks adjacent to Parliament Hill
e) Rideau Hall
f) The Commissariat, the oldest surviving building in Ottawa and now the Bytown Museum
g) Hartwell Locks
h) Colonel John By's residence

4. Vanier was once known as Janeville. Who is Janeville named after?
a) The daughter of Donald MacArthur
b) The wife of Charles Cummings
c) The daughter of Thomas McKay
d) The wife of Donald MacArthur

5. Which of the following locations was not a tollgate?
a) Billings Bridge
b) Montreal Road at Green's Creek
c) Montreal Road at St. Laurent Blvd.
d) Bank Street at Conroy Rd.
e) Smyth Road at Russell Road

6. At one point, consideration was given to relocate the St. Patrick Bridge. Where were they going to relocate it to?
a) to connect Smyth Road with Main Street.
b) to replace the wooden Billings Bridge
c) to become Hurdman's Bridge
d) to cross the Rideau River at Bronson Avenue.

7. Which of the following churches is the oldest church building in the former Gloucester Township and still standing?
a) St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, New Edinburgh
b) St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Orleans
c) Our Lady of Visitation Roman Catholic Church, South Gloucester.
d) St. James' Anglican Church, Leitrim
e) South Gloucester United Church

8. Which bridge that linked Ottawa and Gloucester was not built to accomodate streetcars?
a) Hurdman's Bridge
b) Cummings Bridge
c) Billings Bridge
d) St. Patrick Street Bridge

9. What was one of the names of the railway that connected Carlsbad Springs to Ottawa?
a) The Ottawa and Morrisburgh Railway
b) The Canadian Northern Railway
c) The Canadian Pacific Railway
d) The Canada Atlantic Railway
e) The New York Central Railway

10. Many early roads were known as 'corduroy' roads. What did that mean?
a) This referred to roads that passed textile mills.
b) This was a type of road made of crushed stone named after Sir James Corduroy.
c ) Early mud roads that had regular ruts during the dry season resembling corduroy cloth.
d) Roads built with logs, which somewhat resembled corduroy cloth.

11. What well known current location was the site of the first Gloucester town meeting?
a) Rideau Hall
b) Billings Bridge
c) 24 Sussex Drive
d) MacDonald-Cartier International Airport

12. Which name was never used for Bank Street in Gloucester?
a) Esther Street
b) King's Highway 31
c) Prescott Road
d) Metcalfe Road
e) Ottawa and Gloucester Road

13. Which church was blown down in a storm shortly after it was built?
a)Leitrim Methodist Church
b)St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church, Billings Bridge
c)Billings Bridge Methodist Church
d)St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church, Ellwood

14. When Ottawa closed its Lowertown cemeteries, which of the following Gloucester cemeteries were opened?
a) The United Jewish Cemetery
b) Beechwood Cemetery
c) Notre Dame Cemetery
d) all of the above

15. Which of the following community names is not associated with Vanier?
a) Clarkstown
b) Village of Gloucester
c) Eastview
d) Clandeboye
e) Janeville
f) Cummings Bridge

16. When the Rideau Centre was being built, where in Gloucester was the excavation material dumped?
a) one of the Quarries along Montreal Road
b) one of the sand pits near Rideau-Carleton Raceway
c) at MacDonald-Cartier International Airport
d) near the Mer Bleue

17. A subscription was started in the early days in order to build the first Billings Bridge. Which of the following men were not on the subscription list?
a) George Sparks
b) Hugh McKenna
c) Thomas Doxey
d) Braddish Billings
e) William Smyth

18. Which Prime Minister is said to have visited the mineral springs and hotel at Carlsbad?
a) Sir Robert Borden
b) Sir Wilfred Laurier
c) Sir Alexander MacKenzie
d) Sir John A. MacDonald

19. Which was the earliest subdivision to be developed in Gloucester?
a) Gateville
b) New Edinburgh
c) Billings Bridge
d) Janeville
e) Rockcliffe Park

20. How many Rideau Canal locks bordered Gloucester Township?
a) 1
b) 4
c) 6
d) 16

21. Why did the first railway to reach Bytown in 1854 enter Lowertown instead of traveling to the lumber mills at Chaudiere Falls?
a) The railway was designed to serve Ottawa's first population centre, Lowertown
b) Ottawa's first industry was located at Rideau Falls
c) Thomas McKay, a resident of neighbouring New Edinburgh was a major investor in the project.
d) There had been a major dispute between Thomas McKay and the Wright family concerning the terminus of the railway.
e) The railway predated the lumber industry at Chaudiere Falls

22. Many Rideau River bridges were named after persons. Associate the bridge name with the person's given name.
a) Cummings Bridge a) Charles
b) Hurdman's Bridge b) Braddish
c) Dunbar Bridge c) The Earl of
d) Billings Bridge d) William Henry and Robert
e) Minto Bridge e) George

23. Where was the last Gloucester City Hall located?
a) Telesat Road
b) Bank Street at Leitrim
c) Ogilvie Road
d) Blair Road

24. How many different bridges were situated at Hurdman's Bridge?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
e) 5

25. When was Bank Street south first paved through Gloucester?
a) 1910s
b) 1920s
c) 1930s
d) 1940s
e) 1950s

26. Which location was never used to host the Gloucester Fair?
a) Earl Armstrong Arena
b) near Billings Bridge
C) Fred Barrett Arena
d) Rideau-Carleton Raceway

27. Which bridge was secretly and temporarily renamed Bingham's Bridge to honour an Ottawa alderman?

a) Billings Bridge
b) Dunbar Bridge
c) Hurdman's Bridge
d) Cummings Bridge

28. How many Drive-In Movie Theatres existed in Gloucester?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

29. Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard is a major street in Orleans. Does this street name and the community name have the same origins?

a) True
b) False

30. Which of the following Gloucester mansions were never owned by Thomas McKay's family?

a) The Castle
b) Gorffwysfa
c) Berkenfels
d) Rockcliffe Manor House

The Gloucester Quiz answers are here

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